Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Alison. I am a Christian, a scientist, wife to my amazing husband (his name is Jamil), older sister, public speaker, manager for a dj, and a home cook. I wear many different hats.  I enjoy iPhone and dslr photography, writing in a paper notebook with a great pen, social media (twitter, instagram and pinterest are my favs), trying new recipes, listening to podcasts, and memory keeping. 

You Deserve Happiness Workbook Launched!

I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and feel better about their lives. Over the years, I've talked to friends, colleagues and acquaintances about my dating experiences.  I've shared countless tips, book recommendations and techniques that I used.  It occurred to me that maybe I should compile all of this information into a workbook.  So, I created a dating workbook called: "You Deserve Happiness: Achieving the Clarity You Need to Find the Relationship You Want."  I can't wait for you to check it out!

Current projects

I decided to participate in The 100 Day Project and practiced writing calligraphy for 100 days. This is a skill that I've wanted to learn for a few years. I'll talk about my progress here (blog post about that coming soon). Even though I completed the 100 day project I'm still keeping up with it.  Check out my instagram feed to see photos of the progress I made. 

What does "jenali" mean?

Great question.  "jenali" is a combination of the first three letters of my first and middle names, Jennifer Alison. My dad thought of the name when he set up our AOL usernames in 1995. The name has stuck with me ever since and I use it for most of my online presence. 

Thanks for visiting!