Launching a product in 11 days - Part 1

Part 1 of my experience with the Small Product Lab

Part 1 of my experience with the Small Product Lab

Today marks #SPLDay5.  If you're wondering what SPL stands for it means: Small Product Lab.  Small Product Lab was created by Gumroad to help you to launch your own product in 11 days.  I randomly stumbled upon a tweet announcing the upcoming Small Product Lab challenge (I think this is the second time Gumroad has conducted this) and signed up for the waiting list. I wasn't sure what I was getting into.  There were a few reasons why I thought this wasn't something I capable of.

  •  I have never launched a product before.  Before starting SPL, I've known for awhile that I wanted to create a product. I'm inspired by Pat Flynn.  How can you listen to his podcast and not want to create something?!
  • I had no idea what to create. Initially, my mind turned to mush when I tried to think about what product could I possibly create.  
  • 11 days is a short amount of time. Would I be able to balance creating a product within this time frame and manage my other responsibilities? My TiVo is probably close to being full of tv shows and movies that I haven't watched

My fears were slightly alleviated when I realized that I wasn't completing this in a vacuum and the team behind Small Product Lab has outlined what you should do for each day of the challenge.  Each day brings a different set of "To-Do's." Everyone who is participating gains access to a private Facebook group where you can share your progress, ask questions, and give others feedback on their projects.  The community is very supportive and encouraging.  When you want to give up, an SPL alumnus or mentor will post an encouraging word about their experience creating products.  You realize that launching a product in 11 days is doable with one caveat- you must keep your project small.  Sounds easy right? Keeping your project small is harder than it seems.  This project is forcing me to focus on what I can feasibly accomplish in 11 days.  

So after reading this you might be wondering: Jennifer, what's your project? Well, I'm creating a dating workbook called You Deserve Happiness Workbook: Achieving the Clarity You Need to Have the Relationship You Want.  This is the tool, I wished I had years ago.  Check back later today and I'll explain in further detail what this workbook will include.  For now, head over here to receive email updates about when the pre-order will be ready.