Launching a product in 11 days - Part 2

Second installment of my experience with small product lab

Second installment of my experience with small product lab

Later today I will launch my dating workbook, "You Deserve Happiness Workbook: Achieving the Clarity You Need to Have the Relationship You Want." If you read my last post, you'll know that I doubted myself at first. To progress from having no idea what to create to having a product that is ready to launch, makes me extremely happy. I am so proud of myself. 

This challenge has been an eye-opening experience. It forced me to stop making excuses about why I can't create something.  In the past, my go-to excuse was that my computer was too old and slow.  I wanted to use the latest and greatest operating system and programs (specifically iBooks Author). To complete the Small Product Lab project, I had to use what I currently have and that's an old Macbook Pro running OS X Lion (v10.7). To my surprise that was enough. I feel empowered knowing that when I stop making excuses and put my mind to accomplishing something I can do it. 

Getting a product to launch is very intimidating especially if the launch date is a short window of time. So much to do and figure out. Without this project, I'm sure I would have taken much longer to create a product and launch it. I would have waited until I felt completely and totally ready to launch. I've heard many marketing and business podcasters repeat this quote from Steven Pressfield "Start before you're ready." It seemed liked a crazy thought to me. Why start before you're ready? Now, I get it. The difference between starting before you're ready and waiting until you feel ready is time. I spent my time much differently than I would have if I didn't have such a short deadline. I learned and focused on what was absolutely necessary. I kept my project small so it could be completed and ready for launch. A narrow focus and dedication are the main drivers in how I successfully progressed to launch day. 

Typing out the words "launch day" sends my emotions into overdrive.

I'm nervous.

I'm happy.

I'm relieved. 

The day is finally here.  Click the button below to purchase.